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“I really like (how you are) mapping the path out as a journey, and the images are spot on.”  Peter Roper

There’s an art to creating an arresting infographic. You need to know your data and tell a story with it. Design a visual pathway and signpost the navigation through it. Surprise people. Make them gasp, smile, think. A good infographic is a data-driven journey that you want to follow to the end.

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We’ve been designing infographics for Niche for around 5 years. Sometimes our brief is simply some statistical data and a request to make it make sense. That’s ok, because it all starts with the data. We review it and workshop solutions with Niche.

Our visual storytelling style draws on text and graphs, icons, original illustrations, montage and photography. But because it’s about data delivery, we also maintain an obsessive eye on detail and accuracy. And we never lose sight of Niche’s magazine readers.

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