No rain dance

We all know there is no magic solution to your organisation’s communication problems. But that doesn’t stop agencies from putting on a rain dance.

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To arrive at real, practical, usable solutions you don’t need the rain dance – you need to work with people that respect your intelligence, will listen, think deeply, use their experience, be brave about their ideas, and work hard with you.

We won’t make stuff up, or exaggerate, or use great sounding jargon to bamboozle or flatter you. We prefer to keep things real.

We like working closely with our clients to get great communication outcomes. We like sitting down with real users to find out what they need – its humbling and leads to solutions we might never have thought of. And we love those “Ah-ha!” moments when it all comes together.

But if you’re used to agency rain dances, we’re happy to wean you off. And if you can’t go completely cold turkey, we’ll even take you out to lunch.

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